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Zhucheng Weishida Machinery Co., LtdEstablished in 2006, headquartered in Zhucheng High tech Park, Blue Economic Zone, Shandong Peninsula, covering an area of 340 acres with a building area of 210000 square meters, a registered capital of 229 million yuan, and 1200 employees. It is a large state-owned enterprise that integrates the design and manufacturing of automotive and home appliance molds, as well as the production and manufacturing of automotive parts stamping, welding, tooling, fixtures, and tools. It has passed ISO9001, 3C, and TS16949 system certifications and is a well-known automotive manufacturing enterprise and automotive parts manufacturer, including Beijing Automotive, BAIC Off road Vehicles, Beijing New Energy, Foton Motors, Haistamp, Great Wall Motors, Huayu Automobile, Wuling Industry, FAW sedan, Zhengzhou Nissan, Baowo Automobile, Aichi Automobile, Ouman Heavy Truck, CRRC, Lewo Apos, Wuzheng Automobile, Liuzhou Lingyun, etc

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Our company has always adhered to the enterprise development philosophy of "market-oriented, user oriented, quality driven survival, and creating high-quality products for development". We will further strengthen cooperation with customers at home and abroad, work hand in hand, and create brilliant achievements together!

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